Supernova II – DAC Replacement #2


Novation Supernova II – DAC Replacement #2

A Supernova II owner recently got in contact regarding the noise issue he was having with his unit.

When I replaced the DAC in my unit the original DAC was still behaving so I had no first-hand experience of the noise problem. The owner sent me his main PCB and I could now hear the problem. It is a random crackling sound on the Headphones and Master Outputs 1 & 2.

The faulty DAC is U45 on the main PCB – a Cirris 4391KZ 24Bit DAC.

The Cirris 4391KZ is now obsolete and reliable vendors do not stock it anymore. But there is a newer version – the 4391AKZZ. Happily the new “AKZZ” version behaves like the old “KZ” version. The extra “A” denotes a newer version, and the extra “K” means it is ROHS compliant.

The device can be seen on DigiKey’s site here:

The photo shows my Supernova II chassis with the faulty PCB connected up to the PSU and front panel ribbons. When the power was turned on the noise came through on the headphones & master outputs.

Hot-air Rework Preparation:
The photo below shows the faulty DAC. The IC type is “4391KZ”. The date code shows “GJA0038” so it was from batch GJA and manufactured on week 38 in the year 2000.

Kapton tape has been placed around the other components to protect them from the hot air tool.

Old DAC Removed:

Here we see the old DAC removed and set to the right. The residual solder on the PCB pads needs to be removed before the new DAC can be placed.03_dac_removed

Now that the pads have been cleaned the new DAC can be placed:

New DAC Fitted:

The new DAC has now been soldered on.

The new DAC type is “4391AKZZ”. The date code shows “BXOD1418” so it was from batch BXOD and manufactured on week 18 in the year 2014:06_placed_02

With the new DAC in place the Supernova II now sounds as sweet as ever!

DAC Replacement Service:
I can offer a service where I will replace the faulty DAC on your Supernova II motherboard on both Keyboard & Rack versions.

Please see this page for details:
Sector101 Supernova 2 DAC Replacement Service



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