Novation K & KS Series ROMulators

Novation ROMulators for K-Station & KS Series

Novation ROMulators

Back in the early 2000’s our factory was producing the Novation K-Station, KS4 & KS5, KS-Rack, and the A-Station. Those models are long out of production and all the piece parts have been disposed of along with the test equipment. Well, everything except these ROMulators I found in a drawer gathering dust.

When the PCBs for the Novation K and KS Series were being populated at the SMD line the Atmel Flash ICs were being taken straight from the waffle tray without pre-programming. These ROMulatiors were supplied by Novation to get the firmware into the fully-built unit. Judging by the date codes on the ICs these were possibly made in 2004.

At the final build stage the ROMulator was plugged into a dedicated 34-Way DIL header on the PCB to transfer the firmware from the ROMulator into the unit. If you open your K / KS Series you will see the connector with nothing plugged into it.

Bottom Side
Component Side

One of these has an identifying label indicating the K Station. The other one had no label but I am assuming it is for the KS4 / KS5 / K Rack units (all the KS series used the same firmware).

The ROMulator PCB ICs are:

  • Firmware Flash IC – Atmel AT29C040A
  • Static RAM – Samsung K6T4008C1B-VF70
  • CPLD – Lattice IM4A5-96/48
  • 4x Buffer ICs – 74HCT541D
  • XOR Gate IC – 74HC86D


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