Yamaha FL512M to FL1024M Flash Board Upgrade

Yamaha FL512 upgraded to FL1024

A few years ago I sourced some Flash ICs for a project to upgrade the 512MB Mutec FMC-05 board to the 1GB FMC-06 version. These ICs became redundant because Mutec had switched to a BGA (Ball Grid Array) design by the time I had ordered the board. That Mutec article is HERE.

I recently aquired a Yamaha FM512M board from eBay and set about trying to upgrade this one to 1024MB using the redundant Flash ICs.

When comparing photographs of the FL1024 to my FL512 board it was easy to see what components were missing from both sides of the FL512 board.

Using the FL512 board’s existing components I was able to identify the component types that were missing. The Bill Of Materials below shows the items I needed for the upgrade to 1024MB:

FL1024 upgrade Bill of Materials

Most of the components on the BOM can currently be ordered from Mouser. The Flash ICs are now an obsolete part so sourcing these now may be difficult.

The most surprising thing about the parts list were the Resistor Networks. I was expecting these to be 33R as on the Mutec boards, but the ones already fitted to my FL512 were 0R. My guess is that during the board design they had expected to use some low value in-line resistor to prevent ringing but that was not needed so they just fitted 0R link resistors instead.

For the Connector Side I needed to fit:

  • C83 – (10uF / 0805 / 6.3V)
  • R97, R98, R103, R104 – (68R / 0402 / 1%)
Connector Side – Pre Upgrade
Connector Side – 1024MB Upgrade


For the Bottom Side I needed to fit:

  • IC31, IC41, IC71, IC81 – (JS28F00AM29EWH). Either H or L version will work.
  • C33, C43, C73 – (10uF / 0805 / 6.3V)
  • C31, C32, C41, C42, C71, C72, C81, C82 – (100nF / 0402 / 16V)
  • R31, R41, R71, R81 – (10K / 0402 / 5%)
  • RA31, RA32, RA33, RA34, RA41, RA42, RA43, RA44, RA71, RA72, RA73, RA74, RA81, RA82, RA83, RA84 – (4x 0R Resistor Net)
Top Side – Pre Upgrade
Top Side – 1024MB Upgrade. Serial sticker moved to show FL1024M


After the upgrade the board was successfully formatted:

Formatting result – 1022.5MB


// END


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